2013/09/08  ---   The registration is closed
and the School is ended.
We are 66 people.


Registration as a regular participant comprises the participation in all Summer School activities and full broad accommodation for 5 days. Registration fees that could be kept low due to the generous support of the funding organizations are given below.

Researchers from any countries can now register as regular participants. PhD students and postdocs share a room with another PhD student or postdoc, whereas senior researchers obtain a single room on request (barth@cinam.univ-mrs.fr).

Registrations fees:

PhD Students and Post-docs:   350 Euro
Senior scientists:   450 Euro
Industrial: 550 Euro
CNRS agents: 0 € (0 places left).

The fees include:

Abstract book
Accommodation for the whole week
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Gala dinner and party

Registrations fees excluding hotel and lunch

Students and Post-docs:   100 Euro
Senior scientists:   100 Euro

Note that in this case the accommodation needs to be chosen separately. Hotels on Porquerolles can be found here: Hotels on Porquerolles

How to register?

The registration is done on this site, http://dr12.azur-colloque.cnrs.fr/, and in two steps (download this document to follow the instructions below: Registration_screenshots.pdf):

1. Pre-registration

Search our School (ncAFM-School) and go on pre-registration. Fill in all necessary details, which are needed for this pre-registration (see document). Submit the pre-registration (okay). We will check your pre-registartion and sent an email to you such that you can finish the 2nd step.

2. Confirmation of a registration

Search our School (ncAFM-School) and go on Confirm a pre-registration. Enter your Name and email. On the next page fill in the arrival/departure times. Confirm the next page and choose on the following page that you pay the fees. On the next page you have to specify who you are:

     › Invited                 if you are an invited lecturer
     › PhD student     if you are a PhD student
     › Postdoc              if you are a postdoc
     › Researcher       if you are a permanent (senior) researcher
     › OnlySchool       if you book your own Hotel (registration excluding hotel and lunch at the IGESA)
     › Industrial           if you are from a company
     › CNRS libre         This is only for CNRS members, send a request to barth@cinam.univ-mrs.fr!

On the following page you have to choose credit card, which leads you then on a secured page for the payment.

Submission of abstracts

PhD students and post-docs are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for an oral+poster or only poster presentation to show their recent scientific results and participate in the competition for the 3 NC-AFM awards.
The abstract must be prepared according to the guidelines given below and should explicitly mention the motivation and the significance of the work and clearly describe results and conclusions. In the accompanying e-mail, authors should specify their preference for an oral or a poster presentation. A maximum of one oral and one poster presentation per participant is allowed.

The abstract must be submitted before September 8th, 2013, to barth@cinam.univ-mrs.fr and to tbollman@uos.de. Please, keep the title of the subject and enter your name, institution and country as follows:

ncAFM-school | abstract submission: Clemens Barth - CINaM - France.

Abstract guidelines

Abstract size: 1 page only, including figures, figure captions and references
Page size A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Font: Times New Roman
All margins: 2.5 cm
Title: 18 pt, bold, centered, single spaced
Author name(s): 14 pt, centered, single spaced (presenting author bold)
Author(s) affiliation(s): 12 pt, italic, centered, single spaced (each affiliation one line)
Body text: 12 pt, single spaced
References have to be numbered using the following numbering: [1], [2], etc.
The list of references is placed at the end of the page: numbered, 12 pt
We only accept Rich Text (.rtf) files and no other file formats!

For our convenience, download the MS-Word template to generate your abstract →

Presentation guidelines

The presentations will be bout 15 minutes long + 3 minutes for discussions.

The following equipment will be present:
A laptop with Microsoft Windows. MS-PowerPoint and Adobe Reader can be used.
A projector with a standard VGA connector.
Speakers can also use their own laptop computer.

Speakers should show up before the session and test their presentations.

Poster guidelines

The recommended and maximum size for a poster is A0 in portrait orientation (841 mm width × 1189 mm height). At least one of the authors has to be present at the poster during the session. Try to make your poster an outstanding one in content, presentation and style! If this is your first poster or you seek for help, consult guidelines as found here:

Guideline 1
Guideline 2

Registration deadline
September 8th, 2013

Student presentations:
8th, 2013

Download - MS Word template