Last update: 2013-10-15
The School has ended. Thanks to all participants for coming!


Congratulations to the three winners of the Master of nc-AFM award:

1st place        Joost van der Lit  
Utrecht University The Netherlands
2nd place Kai Ruschmeier Universität Hamburg Germany
3rd place Ania Amrous CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université   France

From left to right: Ania Amrous (3rd place), Kai Ruschmeier (2nd place)
Patrick Amsalem (Omicron NanoScience), Michael Reichling (organiser),
Clemens Barth (organiser), Joost van der Lit (1st place)

Photos and movies of the workshop

We have taken more than 500 photos! Therefore, we have zipped the photos
into a zip file, which can be found here:

The login and passwd are mentioned in the Email we have sent to all participants after the
School. Note that there are also some movies, which will be put later onto the server.
Please, be patient. Thank you.

Here is a selection of characteristic photos of the School:

All participants
The site of the School at the IGESA center
The IGESA center
The lecture room
The lecture room
The organisers, Michael Reichling (l) and Clemens Barth (r)
The organisers
The lectures
The lectures
Coffee breaks
Coffee breaks
Student/postdoc presentations
Student/postdoc talks
Poster session_1
Poster session
Poster session_2
Poster session
Poster session_3
Poster session
Lunch and dinner
Come-together in a pub
Come-together in a pub
nc-AFM Party
The nc-AFM party

Old news

New: Omicron NanoScience  is sponsoring the nc-AFM Summer School.

New: We have a Frequently-Asked-Question session, during which questions
can be asked in particular to the lecturers. This session will stimulate
scientific discussions related to nc-AFM, EFM and KPFM.

Researchers from any countries can now participate.

Sunrise and sunset

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CNRS Ambassade de France / Franzosische Botschaft

Supporting institutions

Omicron GmbH

Supporting companies


Universität Osnabrück

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