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The School has ended (October 12th)


May 15th, 2013

The 1st German-French Summer School on noncontact atomic force microscopy (nc-AFM) is a joint initiative of the C'Nano PACA/CINaM-CNRS in Marseille (France) and the Universität Osnabrück (Germany) to create a platform for high level education and scientific exchange in nc-AFM research. The School is held on the Mediterranean island of Porquerolles in the région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur France (map) from October 6th to 10th 2013.

The Summer School offers both, an introduction into nc-AFM and related techniques (EFM, KPFM and MFM) as well as in-depth presentations of topical issues in advanced nc-AFM imaging and spectroscopy. The target audience are students and young researchers from any country and the aim is to bring together newcomers with experts for extensive discussions in a relaxing atmosphere. Post-docs and senior researchers entering the field or seeking for an expansion of their knowledge are equally welcome.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage PhD students and post-docs to submit an abstract for an oral and/or poster presentation to show their recent scientific results and participate in the competition for 3 NC-AFM awards.

The summer school is funded by the CNRS and the German-French University (Université Franco-Allemande / Deutsch-Französische Hochschule) and supported by C'Nano PACA and the French Embassy in Germany.

Poster of the nc-AFM School
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Ralf Bechstein
Gutenberg Universität Mainz (D)
Adam Foster Aalto University Helsinki (Fi)
Sébastien Gauthier CEMES Toulouse (F)
Franz Giessibl Universität Regensburg (D)
Benjamin Grévin
CEA-CNRS-UJF Grenoble (F)
Leo Gross IBM Research Zurich (CH)
Jürgen Köble Omicron Nanoscience, Frankfurt (D)
Thierry Mélin
IEMN Lille (F)
Laurent Nony IM2NP Marseille (F)
Philipp Rahe
University of Utah, Salt Lake City (USA)
Michael Reichling
Universität Osnabrück (D)
Alexander Schwarz Universität Hamburg (D)


CNRS Ambassade de France / Franzosische Botschaft

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Omicron GmbH

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